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Olawale- JR Farms Founder calls for investment in infrastructures to promote Decent Jobs in rural economy

The annual conference of the Decent Jobs for Youth held in Rome.

The annual conference of the Decent Jobs for Youth held in Rome gathered development partners, private sector, government agencies, young entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to discuss decent jobs under the theme “Rights and Voices of Youth.”

Olawale, who was one of the speakers at the event held between 28th and 29th of May, 2019, stressed the importance of putting in place basic infrastructures in rural areas in order to make rural areas attractive for young people, thereby promoting decent jobs in rural areas.

Among other speakers on the panel session tagged “Supporting the Transition to Decent Jobs among Youth in the Rural Economy,” Olawale noted that all other efforts to promote decent jobs in rural areas may not produce desired results if the right infrastructures are not put in place.

“As we discuss beautiful ideas on promoting decent jobs in rural areas, we must realise that these rural areas lack basic infrastructures to make decent jobs thrive. Many of these rural communities do not have electricity, good road network, healthcare facilities, portable water etc, how we promote decent jobs in such arrears without first investing in infrastructures?”

Olawale urged development partners, government agencies and other stakeholders at the event to adopt investment in infrastructure as a tool to promoting decent jobs in rural economies globally.