JRFarms B. V Netherlands

Netherlands is the EU base of JR Farms, where we carry out business activities within EU. Our operations in the Netherlands and EU is focused on the following:

  • Agro-Commodities Trading: In our bid to strengthen trade between Africa-EU trade zones, we identified key agro commodities that are available and demanded in both trade zones, engage in exports and imports to meet customers’ demands in both trade zones. In doing this, we work with various partners such as government agencies, embassies, farmers and processors, agro-commodity brokers, logistics companies and market partners. Such commodities include specialty coffee and cassava products (garri, high quality cassava flour) which are primary products produced by JR Farms in Rwanda, Nigeria and Zambia. Other commodities include seeds, agro-technologies and machineries.

  • Agro-Investment Services: With two-third of world’s arable land in Africa, energetic population, favorable weather, growing investment environment, increasing population among others; investment into agriculture in Africa remains a major way to create wealth. JR Farms is working with individuals and corporate partners in EU to facilitate, set up and manage investments into the agricultural sector across Africa. Over the years, we have managed investments in the areas of cassava value chain, livestock, crop production and coffee value chain respectively.

  • Coffee Services: As a producer of specialty grade of coffee, we offer coffee services to various organizations, supermarkets and hotels. Expansion to Netherlands and EU market is to provide our specialty coffee service to various coffee shops, supermarkets, offices and hotels. We will also be running our coffee shops across Europe to serve specialty coffee to individuals.