+2348105508224 Gikondo-Magerwa, KK 530 Street, NAEB-HQ, Kigali, Rwanda

JR Farms Limited a leading agribusiness in Africa determined to transform Agriculture in Africa by under- taking opportunities for growth and business that will engender sustainable food production and increased incomes for farmers in Africa. 

Poised to connect the dots in the agric sector, JR Farms has agribusiness operations in Nigeria, Rwanda, United States and Zambia respectively. In Nigeria, the company deals in cassava value chain processing cassava to national staple "garri" which is consumed by over 80 million Nigerians on daily basis. In Rwanda, we work in the coffee value chain with over 4000 coffee farmers spread across Rwanda. JR Farms process, package and export coffee from Rwanda to various parts of the world. Among others, JR farms offer corporate beverage services to organizations. 

While in Zambia, we are working in the cassava value chain to produce and promote cassava staple in Zambia. JR Farms has trained several young Africans in farming and agribusiness through various initiatives; one of such initiatives is the Inmates Farming Scheme where inmates were trained in vegetable farming, the initiative was described as the first of such in the history of Nigeria Prison. JR Farms is a partner to various private sector organization and government agencies on agriculture.

The company is registered in Massachusetts- USA, Nigeria and Rwanda as an LLC.