About JRFarms Africa

We are the leading agribusiness Company.

JR Farms Limited is a leading agribusiness determined to transform Agriculture in Africa by undertaking opportunities for growth and business that will engender sustainable food production and increased incomes for farmers in Africa. JR Farms has agribusiness operations in Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia and Netherlands respectively. 

In Nigeria, the company deals in cassava value chain processing cassava to national staple “garri” which is consumed by over 80 million Nigerians on daily basis. Through our cassava processing factory, we have served markets in South-West and North Central Nigeria feeding over 4 million low income households through our affordable and nutritious garri product. 

In Rwanda, we work in the coffee value chain with over 4000 coffee farmers spread across Rwanda. There, JR Farms process, package and export coffee from Rwanda to various parts of the world. In our coffee value chain operations, we serve several leading hotels, corporate institutions and commercial food chain businesses. Currently, JR Farms operates 6 coffee stations where we service needs of customers within corporate institutions.

In Zambia, we are working in the cassava value chain to produce and promote cassava staple in Zambia, JR Farms focuses on livestock feed production and cassava staple food in Zambia. In Netherlands, our activities are centred on agro-commodity trading and transfer of technology between EU and Africa. 

As a leading agribusiness with in-depth knowledge and wealth of the agric sector in Africa-JR Farms advises and consults for multilateral institutions, governments, private sector and individuals on agribusiness and rural development. 

Our works have been globally recognized and showcased by various local and international institutions. Currently, JR Farms is worth five million USD ($5million).

…securing humanity’s food future!

– Olawale Rotimi


Our Vision

To be the leading agribusiness enterprise undertaking opportunities for growth and business that will engender sustainable food production and increased incomes for farmers across Africa.<> Africa.

Our Mission

To establish a sustainable platform for commercial agriculture, capable of translating Africa’s vast Agrarian potentials into global marketable products; culminating in sustainable food production and increased livelihoods for Farmers across Africa.<> Africa.

Cardinal Goals

To ensure food security in Africa

By investing, promoting and advocating for initiatives that promote food security in Africa i.e. food availability and affordability.

To end hunger in Africa

By ensuring availability and affordability of nutritious and healthy Africans, irrespective of their social identity, economic classification, gender or age.

To create decent jobs for youth and women

By investing and promoting business ideas and initiatives that create decent jobs for youth and women across Africa.

To add value to agro-commodity in Africa

By investing in ventures, innovations and initiatives that promote value addition thereby reducing post-harvest loss and increasing incomes of farmers while delivering value to our shareholders.

To raise the next-generation of Agrarian leaders in Africa

By creating and promoting initiatives that recruit youth into agriculture across Africa.

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