JR Farms valuation hits $5 million

Amidst the economic challenges posed by covid 19 global pandemic, JR Farms Limited valuation has grown to $5 million as the company consolidates growth in its operations in Africa.

In a valuation report where the Company's historic financial statements, statements of financial performance and assets were considered in order to reveal the true economic potential and earning power of the Company, the unit value shares of the Company soared significantly to $218.06 per share.

Currently, as a youth-led agribusiness, JR Farms owns and controls land, building, machinery and financial assets in Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia and the Netherlands where her operations cover food processing, agro-commodity trading and agro-consultancy.

The market for agricultural products all over the world is extremely large with unfulfilled demand. During the pandemic lockdown, demand for food items increased which brought gains to many agribusiness companies as revenue increased and more jobs were created in the agricultural sector.

More also, JR Farms had in July 2020 launched Green Agribusiness Fund, a funding initiative designed to invest in youth-led agribusinesses in Africa. The initiative was piloted for applicants in Nigeria and Rwanda respectively.

JR Farms Limited is a leading agribusiness determined to transform Agriculture in Africa by undertaking opportunities for growth and business that will engender sustainable food production and increased incomes for farmers in Africa. JR Farms Limited has agribusiness operations in Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia and Netherlands respectively.