JR Farms turns to stock feed processing


JR FARMS Limited has invested about US$500, 000 in the establishment of a stock feed-processing plant to help develop the livestock value chain.

JR Farms Limited chief executive officer Olawale Opeyemi said the processing plant will have a production capacity of 20 tonnes per hour and with over 600 direct and indirect jobs to be created for local people in Makeni, Lusaka.

In response to a query last Saturday, Mr Opeyemi said the plant, which is expected to be operational in the first quarter of this year, will focus on producing affordable livestock feed for poultry, cattle and goats among others.

“As part of the project component, we will develop a poultry out-grower scheme that will greatly impact the livestock sector in Zambia through increased production, thereby positioning Zambia as a leader in livestock production for the benefit of the nation...

source: http://www.daily-mail.co.zm/jr-farms-turns-to-stock-feed-processing/